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A-Jacks® Concrete Armour

Rocla is the Australian licensee for the manufacture and marketing of A-Jacks® high stability concrete armour units.

A-Jacks® are precast concrete armour units designed to:

  • protect waterfront structures subject to severe wave action and high flows
  • provide high stability using single layer construction in order to reduce construction costs
  • interlock into a flexible, highly permeable matrix
  • maximize dissipation of wave energy
  • have a patented two-piece construction allowing A-Jacks® to be easily transported flat on pallets from a remote point of manufacture for assembly and installation on site
  • use a simple steel mould construction that allows fast flat-bed casting and de-moulding

Concrete armour units are used for coastal applications typically in areas with rough wave climates or where insufficient quality and/or size of quarry stone is available.

A-Jacks® can be manufactured in various size armour units and are installed either in a uniform (nested) or random pattern. A-Jacks® has been rigorously tested at Oregon Uni / Manly Hydraulics Laboratory in terms of performance and stability – stability coefficient Kd can vary from a minimum of 25 for single units up to 100+ for nested units.

A detailed Coastal Engineering Report on A-Jacks® including tank-testing results is available for download.

  • breakwaters & reefs
  • harbours & inlets
  • riverbanks and shoreline revetments
  • toe-scour protection
  • bridge pier scour protection

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