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The Filternator® is a secondary stormwater treatment device that is utilised to further improve stormwater quality in an efficient, effective and low maintenance way. Mostly used in combination with a primary treatment in a treatment train or for stormwater polishing for re-use, the Filternator® is designed to remove the finer stormwater pollutant fractions such as total suspended solids and pollutants attached to those finer solids such as heavy metals, hydrocarbons, total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorous (TP).

  • Relatively long contact time with the media compared to other products
  • No batch process (continuous treatment with the float)
  • No requirement for a hood on top of the cartridge and the open cartridge promotes a drier and aerobic environment, which eliminates algal growth
  • Greater volume of stormwater treated due to the relatively higher volume of media in each cartridge
  • No specific equipment required for maintenance


  • carparks
  • industrial sites
  • medium and high density residential areas
  • commercial Areas
  • maintenance facilities
  • roadways, railways and other transport routes
  • environmentally sensitive areas
  • stormwater harvesting projects