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First Defense® Vortex Separator

The First Defense® vortex separator is a simple, robust device for removing sediment, floatables and associated pollutants from stormwater.

Pollutants are retained in the device; the advanced design prevents re-suspension and wash-out during high flows.  The First Defense® can remove over 95% of total suspended solids at the design treatment flowrate.

The First Defense® system is as easy and quick to install as a standard precast stormwater pit. The unit is delivered to site completely fabricated, ready to be installed into an excavated hole and connected to the stormwater.

The optional grated inlet and/ or up to two pipe inlets gives the First Defense® great flexibility for being installed at source (close to the pollution generation) and these are typically small catchments and mostly hardstand areas such as cark parks.


  • new developments
  • industrial sites
  • construction sites
  • car parks
  • streets and roadways
  • shopping centres
  • maintenance wash-down bays
  • wetland protection