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Foundation Piles

Rocla Duraspun® hollow spun piles are easier to handle and drive because of the high strength to weight ratio. This also allows a wider choice of rig and hammer sizes. The efficient mass-to-strength ratio allows longer length piles which can eliminate the need for jointing. 

Because Rocla Duraspun® Concrete Piles are spun in accurately dimensioned steel moulds, they have a smooth dense finish. 

The circular section eliminates misalignment and torsion stresses experienced with multi-sided piles. Rotation can be allowed to occur with no alignment or aesthetic problems.

The Rocla Duraspun® hollow spun pile can be confidently used in all ground conditions. These piles are designed to suit both driven and potted applications and various strength types and lengths are available.


  • to support bridge piers
  • in small pile groups such as retaining walls and bridges
  • in single pile applications