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Most capability for stormwater treatment and harvesting in most applications can be limited by a number of things. These include site hydraulics, flow velocity impacts, tidal or backwater levels, construction access, maintenance access, geotechnical considerations (i.e. rock, water or acid sulphate soils etc), physical obstacles (i.e. property boundaries, roads, services, etc) and budgetary limitations.

CDS’s strong industry experience presents a range of options that can be employed to mitigate these constraints. The CDS design team consults closely with stakeholders to ensure that design compromises result in workable and valued solutions.

Frequent design options include;

  • Multiple pipe configurations
  • Bends and drops
  • Various weir options – fixed, collapsible or orifice plates
  • CDS extended inlets
  • Tidal units with dual inlets
  • Storm water harvesting units with dual outlets
  • Pump-down units (dry trap)
  • Ex-filtration units (dry trap)
  • Variable sump options and sizes (width and depth)
  • Removable baskets
  • Various screen sizes 
  • Oil baffle volumes
  • Multiple lid options
  • Low flow polishing device (upflow media filter at CDS outlet)
  • Multiple cleaning options 
  • Incorporation of penstocks and drop boards
  • Fish ladders
  • Exclusion bars
  • Multiple CDS unit arrangements


  • residential subdivisions
  • commercial and industrial developments
  • main stormwater drainage systems
  • retrofitting to existing stormwater drainage systems
  • stormwater harvesting projects
  • combined sewer overflows
  • any other applications where the target pollutants are primarily gross pollutants and oils and sediments