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Plastream® SRPE Slotted Pipe

Plastream®  SRPE Slotted pipe has all the advantages of Plastream SRPE pipe with the advantages of a purpose-designed slotted pipe wall, providing the highest water filtration rates on the market.

The even distribution of perforations results in a uniform flow of water around the full circumference of the pipeline. The design prevents large soil particles from entering the pipeline.

Plastream® SRPE Slotted pipe is available in SN8+ and standard stiffness specifications. All products are designed in accordance with AS/NZS 2566.1 and should be installed to AS/NZS 2566.2.

Plastream® SRPE slotted pipe is available in 225mm to 1500mm diameters.


  • Suitable for use in rail and road corridors
  • Relieves hydro-static pressure behind walls
  • Infiltration under sporting fields and parks
  • Exfiltration drainage of stormwater systems
  • Infiltration/exfiltration in WSUB
  • Collection of leachates