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Atlantic Super•Cor®

Premium, hot-dip-galvanized, deep-corrugated, structural steel plate bridges for larger applications.

Atlantic Super•Cor® combines the advantages of lightweight construction with the superior strength and durability of deep-corrugated, galvanized steel — with a corrugation profile of 381 mm pitch by 140 mm depth. Not only is Atlantic Super•Cor® the most versatile and economical corrugation on the market, it is also the most internationally-accepted and widely-used.


The larger, annular corrugations in Atlantic Super•Cor® provide nine times the stiffness of conventional structural plate, allowing it to withstand the heaviest of loads.


The lightweight, modular panels can be shipped easily and economically, making it especially advantageous for remote locations.

Easy to Install

Simply put, Atlantic Super•Cor® saves time and money in installation. The panels require significantly fewer bolts than conventional structural plates, and the structure can be assembled next to the job site before being moved into place using relatively light equipment. And, if the road needs to be widened later, Atlantic Super•Cor® allows for easy extension with additional panels.


Made with recycled content and 100% recyclable, most Atlantic Super•Cor® structures used for stream crossings are bottomless. These structure types, combined with lower-impact installation methods, includely eliminate streambed interference. And their wide-span capability prevents blockages and flooding associated with concrete box designs. Unlike conventional bridges, which frequently require substantial retrofits, properly installed Atlantic Super•Cor® structures are relatively maintenance-free for their entire design life.


Atlantic Super•Cor® allows for construction of the largest, longest and widest spans — in some cases, spans exceed 25 m. Spans come in a variety of configurations and special shapes, including Box Culverts, Arches and Rounds. Special end treatments include squared, bevelled, partially-bevelled and skewed. Integrated headwall and wingwall solutions are also available.

Available Shapes

Box Culverts
Atlantic Super•Cor® Boxes offer the perfect solution for long span, low rise situations with shallow cover.

Atlantic Super•Cor® Arches surpass the range of conventional plate arches with spans exceeding 25 m.

Rounds and Ellipses
Atlantic Super•Cor® Round and Ellipse structures permit construction of dramatically larger diameters than was previously possible with conventional structural plate.


  • Bridges
  • Grade separations
  • Road or rail underpasses
  • Stream crossings
  • Box culverts
  • Heavy haul road arches
  • Stockpile tunnels
  • Portals and canopies
  • Storage structures