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Two-Stage Precast Walls

Advantageous where excessive settlement is expected but precast panels are desired.

Two-Stage Precast Walls provide strong advantages where poor foundations or soft soils and significant settlements are anticipated — but the aesthetics of precast panels are desired.

The wire wall is constructed first and sits until the target settlements are reached. Then, the precast panels are erected on their own levelling pad, spaced off the wall face and attached by a system of adjustable hooks and turnbuckles. The void is then filled with granular material or grout.

Panels are available in a variety of sizes, colours and textures, as well as custom designs. With Atlantic Civil Products’ project-specific, engineered approach, the fascia panels are prefabricated to insure quick delivery and easy attachment. Two-Stage Precast Walls can be finished to meet many architectural or environmental requirements. See Two-Stage Precast Wall Finish Options.

Typical Two-Stage Precast Walls Installation

Similar to Wire Wall, but fabric at face.   After settlement, levelling pad is poured.
Hooks integrated to wire face.   Hook/turnbuckle system connects to wall.
Sequential precast panels and pins.   Completed assembly ready for granular fill or grout.
Granular fill or grout hydraulically added to void.   Coping, rail system and road surface added.

Two-Stage Precast Wall Finish Options

Today’s precast concrete panels are pushing the boundaries in design and performance. Although many panel types are available, your Atlantic Civil Products’ representative can also work with your project team to customize colours, textures, shapes, sizes and performance options for all types of applications.

Smooth   Fractured Fin
Vertical Grave Stake   Ashlar Stone
Custom Colour   Custom Logo
Custom Motif   Custom Mural


  • Retaining walls
  • Headwalls and wingwalls
  • Bridge abutments
  • Grade separations

Two-Stage Precast Walls are also known as mechanically stabilized earth walls, MSE walls, reinforced soil walls, welded wire walls or wire-faced walls.


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