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Rocla Vertical Shaft Segments

Rocla vertical shaft segments are the engineered solution for concrete shaft construction. Standard sizes range from 4.5m to 7m internal diameter with sizes up to 30m available on request.

The innovative design of precast shaft segments enables quicker, safer, less disruptive installation with significant cost efficiencies compared to alternative shaft construction options. Excavation and installation of precast shaft segments can be carried out simultaneously resulting in fast installations. Unlike in situ methods there is no onsite down-time associated with curing and temporary bracing is not required.

With a range of diameters, the surface footprint can be minimized, reducing environmental impact. Shaft Segments are packaged vertically so as to reduce onsite storage area. To lift the segments the recommended technique utilises a standard Swift Lift™ device, ensuring segments are easy to manoeuvre.

Rocla’s vertical shaft segment design and application engineering is licensed from Macrete, Ireland who supply shaft solutions throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East.


  • launch and reception shafts for pipe jacking
  • pump stations
  • storage overflow
  • water harvesting and reuse
  • drop shafts
  • ventilation shafts
  • escape shafts


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