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Rocla now offers Naylor vitrified clay pipe


Rocla has entered into an agreement with leading UK pipe manufacturer Naylor Drainage to distribute its range of vitrified clay sewer pipes and fittings in Australia.

The Naylor range includes Densleeve, Denseal & Denlock pipes (all WSAA appraised) as well as Hathernware pipes and Band-Seal couplings.    

Trench Installations

The Densleeve sewer pipe system comprises plain-ended vitrified clay pipes and fittings with flexible EDPM sleeve-couplings in diameters from 100 to 300mm.

The Denseal range of socketed pipes have an integral polyester and EDPM "O" ring jointing system in 8 diameters from 150mm to 600mm. Both Densleave and Denseal pipes have a range of associated fittings such as bends and junctions.

Jacked Installations

Naylor Denlok is a jacking pipe system for trenchless and micro-tunneling installations. This thick-walled, high axial strength pipe has a high performance flush-fitting joint and is available in a range of standard diameters from 150 to 700mm.

Chemical Resistant Pipe

The Hathernware range, developed to address problems with discharges too aggressive for

conventional drainage pipe systems, is designed to resist up to 99.8% of chemicals and a thermal shock of up to 120°C.

Band-Seal Couplings

Band-Seal couplings are a range of versatile, flexible couplings used for jointing pipes of both similar and different materials. The Band-Seal coupling consist of a moulded synthetic elastomeric sleeve with stainless steel shear and clamping bands.

Naylor Drainage has been manufacturing vitrified clay pipes since 1890 and its high quality products, manufactured to European standard EN 295, are sought after worldwide.

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