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CDS® Unit GPTs - the right choice


The influencing factor in the choice of gross pollutant trap for the Blacktown City Council Goroka Street, Whalan site was the flexibility and performance offered by a CDS® unit. A CDS® P3024 unit is the largest of six stormwater quality improvement devices recently designed for key locations around the Blacktown local government area.

The acclaimed CDS® unit is being installed in what is considered to be the trickiest of the locations, where currently the untreated flow from triple 1350mm diameter pipes heads downstream into an urban waterway. Designing twin CDS® units into the project provided the consultants and project managers, Water Conservation Group, with unrivalled flexibility:

  • Allowing the project to be implemented in stages with one unit being installed in September 2009, later construction of the diversion weir after downstream rehabilitation works, and the other mirror image CDS® unit planned for a future stage.
  • An offtake connection was included in the unit providing for future connection to a proposed stormwater harvesting tank.
  • A purpose designed diversion weir structure, one of the unique features of the CDS® range providing for uncompromised fit and application at any location.
  • Both cost effectiveness in construction and maintenance.

Blacktown City Council having introduced the Environmental Stormwater Management Program in 2007 to facilitate cleaner water ways is keen to uphold its comprehensive stormwater management program, having the Mayor, Councillor Charlie Lowles, recently visit the Goroka Street site to inspect construction activities.