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Rocla Water Quality launches SWATT® software


Rocla is pleased to announce the launch of the highly anticipated SWATT® (StormWater Analysis of Treatment Train) selection software as seen at Stormwater 09.

The Rocla SWATT® computer model has been developed to enhance the selection process of the Rocla range of CDS® gross pollutant traps (GPTs) and Filternator® Media Filtration System devices. It is able to complement the popular MUSIC water quality modelling software, as a project based design tool to predict removal rates of target pollutants within stormwater catchments.

The SWATT®software uses estimates of common pollutant concentrations from Australian Runoff Quality 2006 to determine optimum sizing and cleaning frequencies to satisfy the water sensitive urban design (WSUD) water quality objectives of your project.

The SWATT® software provides a number of data entry screens in a logical progression, until the user is presented with a graphical and tabulated results screen. Outputs can then be printed, along with project, catchment and design input figures with the recommended CDS® GPT and Filternator® solution.

The SWATT® software is available on CD or by direct download from the Rocla website.

Note: Downloading, copying or other use of the SWATT® software is subject to the terms and conditions of the software licensing agreement relating to the software.

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