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Boxing Clever


Responding to changes to AS 1597.1 – the Australian Standard for manufacture of small precast, reinforced box culverts – Rocla launched its up-specced range of small box culverts earlier this year, and is now manufacturing and supplying the updated product on a national scale.

The new box culverts feature a range of design enhancements that, in keeping with the revisions to the Standard, will make them stronger and safer during installation and throughout their lifetime.

Changes to the product Standard include:

  • The inclusion of 10 preferred internal dimensions for small box culverts (those between 300mm span x 225mm height and 1200mm span x 1200mm height). This is a highly significant change as it creates consistency in production, where before there was none.
  • A design life in excess of 100 years;
  • Standardised internal dimensions (previously this aspect of design was unregulated);
  • Increases to performance test loads – proving load has increased from 90kN to 112kN, and ultimate load has increased from 135kN to 202kN.
  • Where the old standard detailed just one 13mm cover to steel option, the new Standard has three options to tailor durability to varying environments – B1, B2 and C (B2 referring to seawater and C to tidal zone seawater).

More detail about the changes to AS 1597.1 – including the nominal span and height dimensions -are available in a recently released technical note by the Concrete Pipe Association of Australasia.

Rocla is currently phasing out old product and, from early 2012 only product that meets the new Standard will be available.