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ACP – a one-stop-shop for road barrier systems


Earlier this year ACP took on exclusive Australian distribution for crash cushions, terminals, TMAs and portable barriers from Barrier Systems Inc. (BSI).

The agreement means ACP is now a one-stop-shop – offering a full range of barrier products, including guardrail, Sentryline wire rope barrier, the X-Tension 350 family of products, Armorzone temporary plastic barrier and the new range of crash cushions, gates and other products from BSI.

Two of the products from the BSI range are:

TAU-II™ Crash Cushion – a fully re-directive crash cushion used at locations where the most demanding performance is a necessity. The TAU-II™ is fully re-directional and crash tested and approved to NCHRP 350 TL-2 and 3. It is available in a variety of widths to suit hazards up to 2.6m wide.

ABSORB 350® Crash Cushion - a water-filled, non-re-directive, gating crash cushion that is approved to NCHRP Test Level 1, 2 criteria in Australia. It attaches to portable, permanent or moveable concrete and steel barrier. It provides an ideal hazard protection solution for work zones and other temporary situations.

To learn more about these and other road safety products, visit the ACP website.