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Wire Walls

Quick and easy to erect, these walls are easily adapted to curves, angles and steps.

Wire Walls are ideal for fast and economical installation using cost-saving wire components and native backfill materials wherever possible.

This technically-sound and well-proven Wire Wall System is composed of alternating layers of soil reinforcement and select backfill to create an extremely stable reinforced structure that is easily adaptable to meet the structural and aesthetic demands of today’s infrastructure projects. It easily accommodates curves, angles, or steps, and the facing and soil reinforcing mats may be adapted to allow for the installation of culverts, bridge piles, or other site requirements.

Wire Walls can be installed with a wire face only or they may be designed to accept a variety of finishes, such as grass, vegetation, shotcrete and precast panels in a two-stage design.

  • The Wire Wall system consists of heavy-duty welded wire galvanized steel mesh soil reinforcing mats (also known as wire mats or bar mats) and facing, along with compacted select fill.
  • Wire Wall facing components are rigid, lightweight and pre-formed to interlock with the mats.
  • The soil reinforcing mat layers are typically spaced in 610 to 762 mm vertical increments.
  • The custom-engineered design approach improves compaction rates at the wall face and speeds up installation.

Typical Wire Wall Installation

Wire mats on below-grade base.   Backing mat, fabric, drainage, first lift.
Next lift, second wire mat series.   Select stone fill added to face section.
Repeat previous steps for other lifts.   Cap mats hook into last face panels.
Mats can be adapted to integrate structures.   Backfill, guiderail and paving added.

Wire Wall Finish Options

Wire Walls can be left ‘natural,’ with galvanized steel wire and select rock face or they can be designed to accept a variety of finishes, such as grass, vegetation, shotcrete, or precast panels in a two-stage design. Temporary Wire Walls with black steel and filter fabric at the face are also available.

Natural Stone   Temporary
Shotcrete   Vegetated


  • Retaining walls
  • Headwalls and wingwalls
  • Bridge abutments
  • Grade separations
  • Crusher ramps/walls

Wire Walls are also known as mechanically stabilized earth walls, MSE walls, reinforced soil walls, welded wire walls or wire-faced walls.


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