Box Culverts

Rocla® reinforced concrete box culverts (RCBCs) are the fast, easy solution for applications under roads, railways and runways as drainage culverts, underpasses or service ducts. Precast units mean fast installation with minimal disruption to services and traffic.

Rocla® box culverts can be laid in all weather conditions and are easy to offload and install on site.  We manufacture a wide range of box culverts, base slabs and link slabs. Large volumes of stormwater can be transmitted with the rectangular shape not impacting on stream flow or width.

Rocla® Box Culverts are well suited to applications where low cover to the road surface is available, avoiding the need to raise the road to achieve adequate cover.

Rocla® can provide tailored engineering designs to suit special applications, and to comply with state main road specifications. 


  • Stormwater culverts
  • Ducts for underground services
  • Conveyor housing
  • Pedestrian and livestock underpasses
  • Detention tanks