CDS® Units – Continuous Deflection Separation Technology

CDS® gross pollutant traps (GPTs) are designed to capture and retain gross pollutants, litter, grit, sediments and associated oils, utilising patented CDS® indirect screening technology. 

Rocla offers a complete design service for CDS® products that takes into account the catchment’s characteristics, pollution load, hydraulic site constraints and opportunities, system capacities, velocity, backwater, as well as the location of services and access for cleaning. Hydraulic reports are available on request and are automatically carried out for larger units.


  • Residential subdivisions
  • Commercial and industrial developments
  • Main stormwater drainage systems
  • Retrofitting to existing stormwater drainage systems
  • Stormwater harvesting projects
  • Combined sewer overflows
  • Any other applications where the target pollutants are primarily gross pollutants and oils and sediments