Rocla manufactures a wide range of standard and custom precast headwalls to meet the needs of civil construction contractors, authorities and irrigators.

A variety of standard designs and a choice of one piece headwalls or segmented components provide versatile, modular solutions that can be adapted to individual requirements such as site conditions and lifting constraints.

Rocla can also design special structures for unusual construction loads or other requirements.

Rocla® headwalls are available to suit pipe diameters from 225mm to 2550mm and box culverts from 300 x 150mm to 3000mm x 2400mm. We can also make multi-cell pipe and multi-cell headwalls to suit an unlimited number of cells.

The Rocla® precast headwall system is a complete precast system, allowing you to move on to the next part of the job quickly. It has fast installation time with easy supervision. There is no need for onsite formwork, no waiting for concrete delivery or curing. The modular units will mean that headwalls can be backfilled on the same day.


  • Box culverts structures
  • Pipe drainage culverts
  • Irrigation structures
  • Sloped headwalls on embankments