Product Application Design

Complimentary Product Application Design Service (P.A.D)

At Rocla we find that working with clients as early on into a project as possible provides the greatest benefit. Product Application Design (P.A.D) is our internal product design service that consists of an expert team who provide tailored solutions to suit individual and unique applications of our range of water quality products, and it’s completely free of charge.

If you are a consultant and need assistance with your planning and design our Product Application Design service is an extension of your service that ultimately saves you time, and the result is a consistent and high-quality product.

P.A.D Services include:
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) treatment train design
  • Water storage options and recommendations
  • Computer modelling
  • Design & sizing recommendations for Rocla’s extensive range of water quality products
  • Provision of engineering drawings suitable for inclusion into project specifications
  • Installation support for bespoke Rocla water quality products.

Interested in the Product Application Design Service?

Please contact our water quality specialists to discuss how our Product Application Service can help you with your project.  If you know which product/s you need, you can also complete the sizing forms here.  Once complete, forward the form to one of our three water quality specialists who will review your requirements and work with our PAD department to come up with the best solution.