Sewer Access System

The Rocla® Sewer Access System allows fast construction of high quality, watertight maintenance holes to a depth of 10 metres. The standard, modular components fit together easily to create a complete system.

Rocla® provides a precast base unit complete with pre-formed holes and benched channels. Each base is made to order making construction even faster.

Rocla® Sewer Access Systems are manufactured from high strength, high density and low absorption concrete. This factory-made product is considerably superior to concrete formed on site.

The Rocla Quality System ensures that a reliable product conforming to AS4198will be delivered to site.


  • Sewer reticulation in new subdivisions
  • Retro-fitting old sewer pipelines
  • Industrial applications
  • Sewer pump stations
  • Maintenance shafts
  • Valve pits and scour pits