2-in-1 for Rocla ecoSep® separator

Rocla’s highly efficient ecoSep® product range is reducing the risk for companies that handle oil and sediments from waste water, with Rocla’s 2-in-1 technology offering both a spill control system and oil-water separator in one.

Steve Baker, Rocla National Water Quality Manager, says that the ecoSep® separator technology can significantly reduce the risk to the environment for companies that handle potentially hazardous liquids.

“One drop of oil can contaminate 100 litres of water, so it’s important that businesses handling these liquids have proper protection in place for the environment and themselves,” Steve says.

The Rocla ecoSep® oil-water separator is a below grade device that permanently separates oil from water and virtually eliminates the formation of oil emulsions within the unit. The ecoStop® spill control system that comes included in the separator contains any spills onsite in either a below grade or above grade area.

“ecoSep is a cost effective separator for oil, plus sediments found in waste water and industrial run off. Combined with the ecoStop spill control system the two technologies significantly reduce environmental risks and can offer peace of mind to businesses and the community.”

Rocla ecoSep® separator eliminates sediments and oil from point source run off in areas such as floor drains, and non-point source stormwater run-off from industrial areas such as refuelling depots. The standard units are available in flow rates of 3, 10 and 20l/s with custom designed units to 100l/s.

“The product is ideal for a number of places including fuelling facilities, oil storage areas, repair workshops and treatment centres for industrial waste, plus many more,” Steve says.

The system is supplied as a two tank design. The first precast concrete chamber removes grit and other solids and the second chamber separates oil from the water through a combination of gravity and the coalescing separator. This chamber also contains the Rocla ecoStop® spill control system.

“Businesses always aim to be safe, but human error can occur so the ecoStop system detects and responds to spills automatically, minimising the potential impact on the surrounding environment or waterways.”

The ecoStop® spill control system is installed in a precast concrete chamber, downstream from a segregated hydrocarbon containment area. When maximum storage or liquid capacity is reached, the shut-off valve will be activated to stop the discharge of materials into the surrounding area.

The ecoSep® separator system has large access covers to allow for easier routine cleaning and maintenance. The ecoSep® separator includes the ecoStop® spill control as part of the product, however the ecoStop® spill control can be purchased individually.