A powerful partnership: Rocla and APIP team up to meet a demanding schedule in Queensland

Rocla’s expertise in supplying to time-sensitive projects, along with its industry-leading Duraspun® Concrete Power Poles, have aided the successful completion of a major transmission line relocation in Queensland by Australian Power Industry Partners (APIP).

When the advancement of a Queensland mine’s open cut coalface began to threaten an existing electricity transmission line, APIP turned to Rocla to help facilitate the relocation of the high voltage transmission feeder.

APIP were engaged by the mine owner to determine the most cost effective and technically feasible solution – time constraints and an emphasis on minimal disruption to the mine’s operations were critical factors.

“The challenge was – as is always the case with this type of project – the end date doesn’t change and installation windows are tight,” said Samuel George, Sales Territory Manager (QLD) for Rocla. “So for APIP to take on the job, in addition to having the expertise to execute their plan, they are dependent on their suppliers – in this case Rocla – to firstly commit and then to keep to a non-negotiable delivery schedule.”

Rocla’s Duraspun® Concrete Power Poles were the client’s preferred choice with the existing high voltage transmission feeder built using the same product. Having previous exposure to the Rocla product range during his time working for the Queensland electricity utilities, APIP Business Operations Manager Nathan Roach said that Rocla’s Duraspun®
Concrete Power Poles have been used extensively throughout Queensland supporting transmission power lines and that they represented the lowest risk option for the build.

For APIP, being able to trust Rocla to play their part in providing a quality product and meeting the client’s deadlines was a significant factor.

“Rocla’s knowledge and experience in the manufacture of concrete poles is critical – they’ve proven themselves to be a reliable supplier, reducing the project’s risk exposure and instilling confidence in the client that delivery dates will be achieved. They focus on what they do best and we can focus on what we do best,” said Nathan.

After fabricating the Duraspun® Concrete Power Poles, Rocla arranged the delivery of each pole directly to the installation site.

“Rocla offer a service that provides for individual placement of poles as close as possible to their final in- place location. Their preparedness to customise delivery schedules and interact directly with site personnel removes a significant variable within the construction schedule – this level of service is not normally available to the resources sector.”

With minimal disruption a key requirement, APIP worked closely with the client during the design and planning phase to ensure outage windows were kept to a minimum. Works requiring an interruption to the mine electricity supply were planned within existing outage windows for previously scheduled works onsite. “This sort of schedule accuracy was made possible with the help of reliable suppliers like Rocla,” said Nathan.

“When you combine a team of highly qualified High Voltage professionals with reliable, expert industry suppliers you bring to the market a strengthened delivery model and a highly efficient work environment,” he said.