A smarter Stormwater solution

Rocla’s enviss® Sentinel Pit product has proved the perfect solution for a suburban townhouse development in Brisbane, Queensland.

The enviss®  Sentinel stormwater treatment system is a complete three-stage waste-sensitive urban design (WSUD) treatment train, in a single pit. It prevents pollutants being washed off-site and allows WSUD principles to be applied within pavements and green spaces.

In this instance, the concrete driveway installed within the townhouse development left no room for a traditional bio-retention system. Protecting downstream receiving waterways from pollutants was of critical  importance as Queensland’s waterways and coastlines are the lifeblood of its booming tourism industry.

The enviss® Sentinel system’s high nitrogen and phosphorous removal properties, and its permeable paver inlet, made it as a cost effective alternative to treat run-off from the driveway. The solution used for the project was of a Class D, trafficable specification, meaning there was no additional space required for further treatment on-site.

The enviss®  trademark is used under license from Envirostream Solutions Pty Ltd