Athletes’ village lifts the bar on eco-friendly urban development

The Commonwealth Games Athletes Village in Melbourne is aiming to set an example for environmentally friendly design of urban developments when it is released for public sale after the games.

Houses and apartments built for the athletes will form the basis of a new suburb called Village Park. Development will continue in stages to around 2011, with a mix of 2 and 3-storey homes and apartment buildings ranging from 3 to 11 storeys, set among 2.5 hectares of public open space.

Rocla is supplying concrete stormwater drainage pipes for the whole site, as well as gross pollutant traps and rainwater tanks as part of the overall water management plan.

The main element of the stormwater treatment system is a bio-swale running through the centre of the site. This is complemented by two Rocla CleansAll® gross pollutant traps to treat the stormwater that cannot be drained into the swale, removing solid pollutants and sediments before releasing the water to the stormwater main.

The Athletes Village and the subsequent Village Park development will include a range of environmentally friendly design and construction features, such as 6-star energy rating for every house, solar hot water systems and rainwater collection and reuse systems.

Rocla ecoRain® rainwater utilisation systems have already been installed in some areas of the site to collect stormwater for toilet flushing. Seven ecoRain® tanks will service most of the site’s refurbished heritage listed buildings.

The ecoRain® system includes a Davey RainBank which automatically draws water from the tank using a submersible pump.

The RainBank detects if there is sufficient rainwater available to meet the demand. If not, it switches to mains water to ensure continuity of supply.

In March 2006 the Athletes Village will host 4500 athletes and 1500 team officials, after which the Village Park development will provide environmentally friendly living close to established parklands.


Project:  Commonwealth Games Athletes Village (Village Park Development)

Location:  Melbourne

Developers:  Melbourne 2006 Village Park Consortium

Engineering Consultants:  Reeds Consulting

Building Services Consultants:  Norman Disney Young

Principal Civil Contractor:  Akron Roads

Concrete Drainage Pipes:  Rocla Pipeline Products

GPTs & Rainwater Utilisation Systems:  Rocla Water Quality