Bigger and better bridge for WA

A new bridge, constructed late in 2014 and intended to make crossing the Greenough River on the Brand Highway in WA safer, is around twice the length and 1.6m higher than its 60-year-old predecessor, which was possibly the oldest reinforced concrete bridge still in use prior to decommissioning.

The new bridge is situated 25m upstream of the original bridge, is 90m long, and has a width between kerbs of 8.2m. It features 202m of Thrie-beam guardrail on fabricated bridge posts over the river itself and a further 320m of modified Thrie-beam guardrail on the approaches, all supplied by Australian Construction Products (ACP – a Rocla business) and installed by Safety Barriers WA.

“Safety Barriers WA installed all guardrail materials supplied within five days on site,” says Chris White from ACP. “It was a very smooth installation process which was helped by the good quality of the ACP guardrail materials. Safety Barriers WA and ACP have enjoyed a long partnership which has seen them successfully complete many of the Main Roads WA rural and main highway bridge guardrail upgrades and major infrastructure projects in WA over the past 10 years.”

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