Bunnings goes green with ecoRain®

The Rocla ecoRain® rainwater utilisation system helped Bunnings to “go green” at its latest Brisbane store by capturing stormwater runoff for reuse.

The new Bunnings Warehouse and Garden Centre at Stafford includes two separate ecoRain® systems. One is for recycling roof runoff for toilet flushing, while a larger system captures runoff from the outdoor nursery for site irrigation.

Development conditions placed on the project by Brisbane City Council included the reuse of rainwater for toilet flushing, as well as a stipulation that the outdoor nursery was not to release nutrient-rich water to council’s stormwater system.

Consulting engineers, the TFA Project Group, solve all the problems by employing two ecoRain® systems in separate installations.

A standard 10,000-litre capacity ecoRain® tank with automatic controls provides ample water for the toilet blocks by collecting rainwater from the large roof via two 100mm diameter downpipes. To service the nursery, a custom 20,000 litre ecoRain® system with a high-volume filter that treats 33 L/s and an irrigation pump were installed.

This system allows harvesting of nutrient-rich first flush water from the floor of the nursery by draining it off through grated floor channels back to the ecoRain® tanks. This effectively contains the nutrient rich water on-site, where it can be used for irrigation of landscaped areas or recycled back to the nursery to water the plants.

TFA also designed bio-retention areas into the site to cleanse the recycled water, and pavement runoff, of nutrients before releasing it to the stormwater system.

The bio-retention areas together with the ecoRain® systems also provide on-site detention to alleviate increased runoff from the large building and paved carpark areas.

The garden centre installation also relieves pressure on the mains water supply by recycling the water from the sprinklers in the nursery.

BMD Constructions installed the Rocla ecoRain® systems. BMD’s Keith Hanson found the system “very quick, very simple and very easy to install.”


Project:  Rainwater utilisation system

Location:  Stafford, Qld

Developer:  Bunnings

Builder:  Lanskey Constructions

Hydraulic Engineers:  TFA Project Group

Contractor:  BMD Constructions

Rainwater Utilisation System:  Rocla Water Quality