Collective thinking at Seaford Meadows

Rocla’s ability to fast-track the design and production of a large On Site Detention (OSD) system and work closely with the contractor and consulting engineers for Adelaide’s Seaford Meadows subdivision has resulted in a superb outcome for all stakeholders.
“When we first started looking at the project, which specified a pre-existing concept, it was very complex, time consuming, labour intensive and expensive,” says Tony Costanzo, Construction Manager for construction company TCM Nominees. “What we wanted was something simple to build, easy to maintain and we needed to get the costs down. We worked through it and came up with a simple, cost effective end product.”

The system, which was one of two to be installed, consists of 4200 x 2400 box culverts with a link slab row through the middle, and has a capacity of 500,000 litres.

Rocla’s strong relationship with contractor TCM Nominees – based on supply of concrete pipe for the subdivision’s stormwater system over the past two years – was a critical factor. “We needed a detention tank quite quickly to meet Council requirements,” says Phil Hendy, Project Manager, TCM Nominees.

“We looked at various options and the final, quite ingenious, idea for the system developed from open discussion and the collective intelligence of the pipe company, the construction company and the construction engineers.”

Tony says the system went together like clockwork. “We put it together in four days, being pretty cautious, allowing a reasonable amount of time to make sure everything was ok. The next one will go together in half the time.”

“The result has been better for us, better for our client and the council has a better product,” says Phil. “That sort of result comes down to being involved in your work, being able to talk and working to make things better.”

Tony agrees. “It is a good working relationship we have with Rocla – they are part of the construction process rather than a supplier that walks away from it when the order is placed.”