Cotter Dam diversion gets ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ with Hel-Cor™ Pipe

Cotter Dam project Atlantic Civil Products was recently engaged by Enlarged Cotter Dam Alliance to manufacture and supply 268 m of 3 m diameter Hel-Cor™ Corrugated Metal Pipe for a temporary flow diversion. The project was part of an expansion project to increase the dam’s capacity from 4 gigalitres to 78 gigalitres.

The galvanised pipe was designed to withstand ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ loading conditions, including a fully-loaded CAT 773 dump truck, CAT D10 and D11 bulldozers, CAT 365 excavators and CAT 988 loaders. These pipes were designed and installed as per AS1792-1984 and AS/NZS 2041:1998. The design life under the above-mentioned project was a minimum of eight months and up to two years.

In addition, approximately 40% of the conduit was submerged underwater and ten joints were connected using neoprene gaskets along with fully-corrugated coupling bands in order to minimise water penetration.

All 23 of the 11.67-m-long sections were manufactured in our Blayney, NSW plant and delivered in four week’s time, comfortably meeting our client’s tight delivery expectations. Also, with the longer pipe lengths, the contractor was able to lay six pipes per day – an incredible 70 m — with just a four-man crew. Being a temporary construction diversion, once the project is complete, the Alliance will have an option of recycling the pipes for additional profit and benefit to the environment.

In terms of quality, contract administration, timing and services provided, Atlantic Civil Products is one of the best subcontractors we have had working on this Enlarged Cotter Dam project.

— Bassam Egailat, RCC Dam Engineer, Bulk Water Alliance Joint Venture

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