Custom products help farm to transition

When the property manager for a 13,000 ha farm in NSW transitioning from growing rice to cotton needed to rethink the farm’s irrigation to suit its new crop, Rocla’s ability to custom-make quality products within specified timeframes was key.

“Cobran Station had bought pipes from us about 10 years ago when they were setting up for rice farming,” says Richard Field, Area Manager for Rocla. “Now that the farm is moving from rice to cotton it means changing the whole infrastructure and how it operates so we developed a new suite of products to meet their irrigation requirements.”

Rocla supplied standard SRC pipe (diameters ranging from 750 to 1050) along with custom-designed drop boxes and large custom pits for the new siphon flood irrigation system commonly used in Australia for cotton growing.

“The delivery from Rocla all fitted in with our project and there were no hold ups,” says property manager Mark McLean from Global Ag Properties Australia who manages two such properties.

“When you get your teams together and everyone plays their part you have a good outcome and ultimately the principal is happy. Professionalism and attitude underpins that sort of teamwork.”

The first stage of the project saw around 2,500 ha transitioned, with further stages now underway to convert the farm from rice to cotton over the next 18 months.

For more information about custom products, contact Rocla on ph 131 004.