Custom solutions benefit Sydney subdivision

The Harold Park development in Sydney sets the benchmark for sustainability and will benefit from several custom solutions from Rocla.

The Mirvac Harold Park development site is located 2.5kms from the Sydney CBD. The project will provide residential terraces and apartments of various sizes and will feature 38,000 square metres of Parkland  and 6 star BASIX performance with thermal building insulation, biofiltration strategy, water saving devices and energy efficient appliances. Civil works are expected to be complete by March 2014.

Ford Civil, a Mirvac subcontractor for the civil works, selected Rocla®  products for the concrete box headwall and steel reinforced concrete pipes, designed to ensure adequate drainage for neighbouring areas, sufficient public safety, protection of parklands and to minimise the risk of flooding upstream.

After an extensive hydraulic design process, based on a 100 year flood event, project designer ADW Johnson opted for 2550mm Class 2 Rocla® rubber ring joint pipes with a low infiltration design and superior jointing system and a CDS®  P3018 GPT unit.

Saltwater marine pipes were also used for a section near the lower end of the site due to chlorides in the ground and the potential for saltwater backflow. These were project-specific, custom-designed and then made to order. They provided additional internal and external cover to steel, and a unique marine concrete mix ensures the pipes will achieve a minimum 100 year design service life.

Due to poor ground bearing capacity, custom short length pipes were also required adjacent to some pits to provide for ground settlement.

To aid the achievement  of consent from Sydney Water for the water quality solution, Rocla® product application design team developed a 3D model and drawings clearly demonstrating the application of the unit and addressing the requirements of all parties.