Customised system delivers better performance and lower costs for sportsfield

The City of Casey’s Sweeney Reserve has been undergoing a program of works in recent years to improve its recreational and sporting value to the northern and greater Casey community.

As part of this program, and in order to reuse water from a large wetland in the complex, there was a requirement to improve the quality of the water from the wetland prior to pumping it into the irrigation system servicing a number of sports ovals.

A design utilising the Rocla CDS® P1512 GPT in conjunction with 1500 sewer access chambers and RKO pits – with some smart modifications – was best placed to meet the shire’s requirements and would perform better and cost less than alternative solutions.

Chris Bordignon, Graduate Engineer at Rocla’s Campbellfield branch worked with the City of Casey on the system design. “When we originally sized the GPT it had quite a short maintenance time, so by doubling the sump size we halved the number of cleans per year thereby reducing maintenance costs for the council.”

A further requirement for extended oil storage – in the event of an emergency
oil spill via the main drain – saw a secondary storage facility installed to tap off oil overflow from the separation chamber in such an event.

Tony Volders from Lasergrade Pty Ltd was tasked with the installation – in a low-lying area during very heavy rains. “A very deep excavation was required, specialised shields were obtained and the Rocla® precast system was able to be installed quickly, safely and efficiently, minimising the time the excavation was open. Robert Burns from Rocla was most helpful during the procurement and installation of the GPT.”

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