Desalination plant to supply half of Adelaide’s potable water

Construction is underway on the $1.83 billion Adelaide Desalination Plant at Port Stanvac, which will deliver up to 100 billion litres of water a year.

A multi-national consortium, AdelaideAqua, won the bid to design, build, operate and maintain the plant for 20 years on behalf of SA Water.

The Desalination Plant will provide about half of Adelaide's water supply. The first water is expected to be delivered in December 2010, initially about 15 million litres a day, which will be progressively increased to the full capacity by late 2012.

The final daily production of 300,000 cubic metres would make the project the world's largest functioning desalination plant.

For the preliminary site works, Rocla supplied two M-Lock® precast bridges and an ecoSep® oil-water separator. The ecoSep® unit is installed beneath a refueling station in a bunded area to separate oil from rainwater runoff and protect the stormwater system from fuel spills.

The two single-span M-Lock® bridges cross a creek bed which will be remediated as part of the site's environmental plan. One of the bridges provides pedestrian access to administration and storage buildings, while the other is used by heavy vehicles involved in site works.

An advantage of the M-Lock® precast system is that it can be dismantled later in the project if required. The bridges were specified by consulting engineers Aurecon and installed by Leed Engineering & Construction, who also installed the ecoSep® separator.