Ease Of Handling Reduces Installation Time

Use of Rocla’s lightweight yet durable Plastream® Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Drainage Pipe resulted in lower freight costs and significantly reduced installation time at the Glenorchy Council’s Stormwater Harvesting Project at Derwent Park in Hobart.

The project is a combination of flood mitigation and re-use of stormwater that, after passing through the Plastream® pipeline, will be filtered and re-used in industrial applications.  More than 620 linear metres of 1950mm diameter Plastream® SRP, and an equal length of 2250mm diameter Plastream® pipe, were laid in a twin line at the site. The lines were designed and installed in accordance with AS2566, Buried Flexible Pipelines. The product’s unique steel reinforced plastic structure results in a low weight pipe, meaning that the six metre lengths could be laid safely using slings and an excavator. This resulted in much faster installation compared to the more traditional concrete pipe which is installed at 2.44 metres per lift.  The ability to ‘nest’ the 1950mm diameter pipe within the 2250mm diameter pipe was critical to the impressive reduction in freight costs. In addition, because the pipes came in six metre lengths, Rocla was able to transport 24 lineal metres at a time.