Fast footbridges for cycle route

Three Rocla M-Lock® precast bridges now form a permanent part of a new cycle route through Oppy Reserve at Quakers Hill in western Sydney.

 Blacktown Council recently carried out a major renovation of the 11-hectare reserve, with extensive landscaping, redirection of a small creek and revegetation of the channel banks and relining with sandstone.

The bridges form part of a cycleway through the reserve, which connects to a network of cycle paths through Quakers Hill and will eventually connect to the railway station.

The M-Lock® precast system provided a quick construction method that could be carried out easily by council day labour.  The three bridges comprise single spans of standard 12-metre precast reinforced concrete planks.  One bridge is 2.4 metres (2 planks) wide and two are 3.6 metres (3 planks) wide.

The Rocla M-Lock® Bridge System provides a fast, simple means of bridging small to medium spans using precast, reinforced concrete components.

The outstanding advantage of the system is speed of construction.  Typically, a crew of two or three can construct a bridge at the rate of one span per week or better.  For environmentally sensitive areas, construction can proceed by reaching out from the previous span.