Greening the seashore with ecoRainPlus®

Rockdale Council is using the Rocla ecoRain® rainwater utilisation system to provide landscape irrigation for a beachside development at Brighton-le-Sands, on the shore of Botany Bay, south of Sydney. 

The council took advantage of the opportunity provided by the construction of a boardwalk promenade to install an underground ecoRain®Plus system. The ecoRain®Plus rainwater utilisation system controls the complete rainwater capture, treatment and utilisation cycle with three concrete storage tanks, filter, pump and hydraulic control system.

Rainwater is collected from the large metal deck roof of an existing council building which houses the Brighton Baths Athletics Club and Le Sands restaurant.The runoff is first passed through a high volume rainwater filter housed in a separate precast concrete pit, then stored in a primary tank, an ecoRain5™ system with a capacity of 5000 litres.

From the primary tank, water is pumped to two holding tanks with a total capacity of 20,000 litres.From there it can be pumped at mains pressure for irrigation of a landscaped area beside the building.

The tanks are buried out of sight on the beach side of the main road, Grand Parade, under the new timber boardwalk and an area of natural landscaping.The system provides a reliable, high-volume source of stored rainwater without taking up valuable land or spoiling the beach vista with above-ground tanks.