Hydro-Brake® is best solution

The only product of its kind on the market, Rocla’s Hydro-Brake® was chosen by MWH as a flood attenuation mechanism on the Jindalee Park’n’Ride project for Department of Main Roads in Queensland.

The Hydro-Brake® is an innovative Rocla product that gives improved hydraulic performance over conventional water flow regulators by harnessing the energy inherent in the flow field. It has no moving parts, no external energy requirements and includes patented maintenance-reducing features.

The unique operating characteristics of the Rocla Hydro-Brake® provide for high efficiencies at lower flows, with less volume stored after a storm event, meaning more storage is available to manage the peak flows, minimising the risk of downstream flooding.

Ultimately, capacity wasn’t the only standout factor in this solution. The workmanship within the product, and its quick delivery, impressed both client and contractor. Brian Kesby, Project Manager from Queensland Bridge and Civil commented:

“The product was delivered in two parts; first the precast component, complete with precast base, hydobrake fitted, benching of extremely high quality and pipe stubs at the inlet and outlet. Secondly, the precast roof slab with covers and surrounds. This made the installation process one of simply placing the components on to a prepared base and connecting the upstream and downstream pipes.”

The Hydro-Brake® trademark is used under licence from Hydro International PLC.