In pole position for a smarter network

Electricity network provider Ausgrid’s Smart Grid project is set to revolutionise the way that electricity is delivered and managed for its customers in New South Wales, and Rocla® specialist communications products are playing a key supporting role.

The future-focussed Smart Grid project will see a transformation of the traditional approach to provision and monitoring of power, by connecting all aspects of energy supply and usage via a wireless network that will provide both Ausgrid and its customers with faster, more complete data.

As well as enabling Ausgrid to identify faults, reduce interruptions and promote energy efficiency, the new technology will also allow consumers to track their electricity use in real time.

Supporting this project are more than a hundred of Rocla® purpose-built, pre-stressed communications poles.

When Ausgrid began planning the roll out of WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access), the 4G network which is an integral component of the new Smart Grid system, it required telecommunications poles that would meet all quality expectations and prove efficient from both a commercial and an installation perspective.

“Rocla’s LT and SR range communications poles were selected for use on the project, partly due to the value for money they offer, but also because of the inherent strength that the pre-stressed concrete product offers,” says Ron Lim of Rocla.

With more than a hundred poles needing to be installed throughout New South Wales, ease of installation was a critical aspect in the selection of Rocla’s specialist communications pole product.

Production of the full suite of poles, which ranged in height from 15 to 35 metres above ground level and came with a full range of fittings for fixing of antennas and equipment, took less than 12 months.

Once the project is complete, Ausgrid’s New South Wales customers will have a future-proofed power network, supported by an infrastructure of communications poles that are designed to last the distance.

Project at a Glance

Client: Ausgrid
Project: WiMAX network implementation for the Smart Grid project
Location: 150 sites across New South Wales (Sydney and north)
Product used: 100 Rocla Telecommunications Poles – both LT and SR range products
Pole heights used: Ranged between 15 and 35 metres above ground