Industrial OSD system with storage to spare

This massive 105,000 litre twin-tank detention system is one of three similar installations at a new industrial development that will store stormwater for reuse.

Developer ING is constructing office and factory facilities on a 16.5-hectare site at Rosehill Industrial Estate in western Sydney.

The total stormwater storage volume of more than 300,000 litres will be reused for landscape irrigation, as well as being pumped back to plumbing for non-potable uses such as toilet flushing.

The trafficable 3-metre diameter Rocla® steel-reinforced concrete OSD tanks were ideal for these installations, as two of them were located under a carpark and a forklift hardstand, respectively. Rocla® on-site detention systems provide a durable and trafficable solution for industrial and residential developments.

Because the tanks are assembled from standard components, Rocla® OSD systems provide known storage volumes, while the high strength and durability of the factory-manufactured components provide a permanent asset with low whole of life costs.

The OSD system was designed by consultants Hughes Trueman and installed by John R. Burton Contractors.