Industry update: Rocla gears up for changes to the new australian standard for large span box culverts (AS1597.2 – 2013)

Paul Cammans, Manager of Product Design at Rocla Pipeline Products, talks through the changes and their impacts.

Rocla Works: What, in summary, are the changes to the standard and who do they affect?

Paul: There are a number of key changes to the new Australian Standard that will impact on manufacturers, specifiers and asset owners:

  • 100 year design life is now expected for large span box culverts designed, manufactured and installed to this Standard
  • The use of Class L reinforcement is now restricted, with preference given to more ductile Class N reinforcement
  • Cover to reinforcement is now aligned to AS5100.5-2004
  • Traffic and rail loads are now aligned to AS5100.2-2004
  • There are changes in the way that box culverts are designed eg. consideration for fatigue, crack control, shear and load distribution
  • There are also changes in the way box culverts are manufactured and monitored eg. changes to sampling for routine testing and curing.

Rocla Works: What is Rocla doing to address these changes?

Paul: Rocla is a major supplier of box culverts in Australia and key Rocla design engineering personnel were instrumental as members of the Standards Committee in the formation of both the small span box culvert Standard AS1597.1-2010 and now the large span Standard AS1597.2-2013. Our Technical and Engineering department has spent a lot of time and effort in upgrading our design capability and software to enable Rocla to design large span box culverts quickly and efficiently to this new Standard. Rocla manufacturing sites have also been upgraded to facilitate the changes required by the new Standard.

Rocla Works: What is the timing for changes/transition?

Paul: There is traditionally a reasonable transition time with any new Standard to enable specifiers, councils and authorities to review and make changes to their specifications. This transition time is also important for the many projects that are in feasibility, tender or construction stage that have been designed to the older version of the Standard.

While we can still manufacture to the older standard AS1597.2-1996, we are seeing that some Authorities are now starting to adopt the new Standard in their specifications. For some time now our design team has been assisting our sales force in providing contractors and specifiers with project specific layout drawings, design advice and manufactured products to the new Standard for both standard and non-standard applications.

Copies of these Standards are available from SAI Global: