Keeping a Major Project on Schedule

The M80 Ring Road upgrade is a 5 year $2.25 Billion dollar road upgrade project to increase capacity and reduce congestion of the road which currently carries 142,000 vehicles per day. Being an upgrade project the existing infrastructure is often extended with new materials, and this may lead to problems when the size and origin of the existing may not be known. For jointing of pipes of different sizes a Band-Seal coupling can accommodate small variations in size that may occur between different manufacturers of similar products, or with the use of Bushes accommodate larger pipe size variations.  

The Naylor Band-Seal is a flexible joint coupling, comprising of a moulded synthetic elastomeric sleeve with stainless steel clamping bands. Its quick use operation and long life expectancy make it an ideal product for this type of application and to help keep projects on schedule. Tully Sydney Alliance are currently using the Band-Seal coupling to complete their 9.4km section of the M80 Ring Road upgrade between Calder Freeway and Sydney Road, scheduled for completion in 2012.