Large diameter pipes required to drain development

Northpoint Enterprise Park, a major industrial and commercial development on the north side of Cooper St, Epping, forms a large section of the City of Whittlesea’s Cooper Street Employment Precinct. 

CPG Australia, on behalf of Northpoint Enterprise Business Park Pty Ltd, developed sewerage, water supply and stormwater strategies for the precinct, including main drainage and trunk sewer work. 

Melbourne’s wholesale fruit and vegetable market is being relocated to a new site on the south side of Cooper Street.  This significant infrastructure project has resulted in considerable amendment to local drainage schemes, in this case the Edgars Creek Drainage Scheme, an important catchment area and local breeding ground for the growling grass frog. 

The proposed drains had to be realigned in accordance with the planning approvals for the new market site development, requiring the redirection and capture of all overland flow and underground development drainage to be accommodated on the northern side of Cooper Street. 

Working within these restraints, CPG designed an appropriate system to dispose of this large volume of water.  The design process confirmed that the catchment area and the design flows to cater for 100 year flood events would require large diameter pipework;  in this instance twin 2100mm diameter and twin 2700mm diameter concrete pipes. 

The drainage system is constructed from Rocla® Class 2 flush-joint pipes.  The twin 2100mm line is 350 metres in length, and the twin 2700 line is 170 metres, with curved sections created from half-length pipes deflected to lay at the required radius.