Large Plastream® pipe doubles as in-line sewage storage tank

 Rocla Plastream® steel-reinforced polyethylene pipe helped create an efficient, economical sewer storage solution for Wide Bay Water Corporation at Hervey Bay in Queensland.

The emergency sewage storage system formed part of a new sewer pump station and associated pipe works at Burrum Heads Rd in Hervey Bay, one of the fastest-growing regions in Queensland.

Wide Bay Water and design engineers KBR were looking for a cost-effective and maintenance-free solution which would provide additional in-line storage on a limited site only 10m wide and 140m long. Options such as HDPE or PVC lined concrete pipe and concrete tanks were considered but rejected because of cost and difficulties involved in installation.

The Rocla Water Quality solution comprised a single run of 2250mm Plastream® SRP pipe approximately 130m in length, with inlet and outlet in the end caps for 800mm diameter Plastream® pipes to accommodate the anticipated flow rate. The dual pipe-tank was supplied with two 1050mm access entries at either end for inspection and maintenance.

An unusual aspect of the project is that the product operates as a large diameter pipe under normal conditions, but in the event of a shutdown becomes an emergency storage unit. The 516kL capacity of the large-diameter pipe provides an additional 460kL of storage over the 750mm pipe that would normally have been used to satisfy the flow requirements.

The cost, light weight, corrosion resistance, smooth bore and ease of installation all played a part in the specification of the Plastream® product for installation by VDM Construction Bellero.