Malaysia’s big rains mean big sales for Rocla® GPTs

Rocla CleansAll® gross pollutant traps are setting the standard for water quality at Malaysia’s huge Putrajaya development. Putrajaya, the new administrative centre of the Malaysian Government, is a “green” city with 40% devoted to parks, waterways and wetlands.

Putrajaya is designed to the highest international standards, including water quality standards. Rocla’s Malaysian licensee, Water Engineering Technology (WET) is supplying Rocla CleansAll® gross pollutant traps (GPTs) to this ambitious project. Recently, Rocla’s Water Quality Manager, Nicole Bartels and Product Design Manager, Stephen D. Baker went to Malaysia to conduct internal training with WET engineers in open channel design for GPTs, as well as to audit Rocla CleansAll® GPT production and installation procedures and to assist WET in developing strategies for increasing sales in Malaysia. Rainfall events in Malaysia are big and frequent (as Nicole and Steve soon found out) and Malaysian authorities are becoming increasingly aware of the need for GPTs to clean up their waterways.

The majority of all GPTs in Malaysia have been installed in the Putrajaya development.

The Rocla® product has more than 50% of the market in Putrajaya and the quality of the CleansAll® installations is far superior to the other installations in the city, according to Nicole and Steve. This is a testament to both WET and Rocla Water Quality’s commitment to producing and selling the best GPT on the market. WET is now focusing on developing the market outside Putrajaya.