MassBloc® retaining wall meets need for speedy construction

The Rocla MassBloc® permeable retaining wall system was used recently to create two attractive retaining walls behind a shopping centre car park at Narooma on the NSW South Coast.

Contractors Narooma Earthmoving planned to use a gabion retention system but time constraints demanded a faster construction method. The Rocla MassBloc® system appealed because of the ease of installation of the large precast blocks, which are placed using a cast-in lifting anchor and interlocked with a precast nib. Narooma Earthmoving and engineers Van Leeuwen & Associates took advantage of the tapered sides of the Rocla MassBloc® units to create two curved walls. One wall is concave, while the other features a double curve. The contractors and shopping centre management were both impressed with the speed of assembly and attractive finish of the system.


Project Location: Narooma NSW

Contractor: Narooma Earthmoving