MassBloc® system provides fast rock fall barrier

Douglas Shire Council in Far North Queensland has found a new application for the MassBloc® earth retention system, as an economical and effective rock fall barrier.

The council constructed a 60-metre-long wall at Rocky Point, 12km north of Mossman on the road to the Daintree River, to protect traffic from rock falls.

Although Rocky Point was named after the ocean shoreline, it could also describe the driving conditions. The steep embankments of clay and stone create a serious rock fall hazard for traffic, particularly when combined with heavy monsoonal rains.

The wall contains 154 MassBloc® units, including 12 half-blocks in the bottom row to allow for the grade. Earthworks and a concrete slab with strip drainage behind the wall create a 2-metre-high barrier at the base of the embankment.

As a further precaution against large rock falls, the blocks were joined laterally by 18mm wire cables threaded through eye bolts set into the rear of the blocks.

Graham Wood, Technical Officer for Douglas Shire Council, said building the wall was “like putting together a Leggo set.”

“The whole job took about two weeks,” Graham said, “including the earthworks and the slab, but the wall itself only took a couple of days to build.”


Project: Rock Fall Barrier

Location: Rocky Point, Qld

Authority: Douglas Shire Council

Precast Wall System: Rocla Pipeline Products