Massbloc® Retaining Wall System perfect for hillside retainer

When Eurobodalla Shire Council needed a retaining wall solution up to 8m high for a new, hilltop carpark area adjacent to an existing shopping centre, they turned to Rocla’s permeable MassBloc® Retaining Wall System.

The Council reviewed various options, but the tight site constraints called for a pre-cast solution. “Handling MassBloc® Retaining Wall System units was easier in this location as they could take the blocks off the truck near the existing carpark and then use an excavator to stack them,” said Sri Erra, Sales Engineer for Rocla.

Units weigh around 1.7t each and feature a lip enabling each block to interlink. In-situ mass concrete was required for the footing and structural backfill adjacent to the back of the blocks – part of the structural design developed by Cardno to achieve the required 8m maximum height.

Eurobodalla Shire Council Design Engineer, Mark Swadling, said the MassBloc® Retaining Wall System was really the perfect solution. “We were constrained by the project requiring a near vertical wall and 8m up is pretty high. MassBloc® gave the required area at the top of the wall to construct the carpark whereas had we used other more traditional segmented type of retaining walls, we would have had less car spaces available. It would have been tricky going that high with other types of block structure.”

Site Supervisor for the council, Ed Gwynne, said he’d never worked with the MassBloc® Retaining Wall System before, but that it had gone up fairly effortlessly. “We found the blocks very simple to lay and put in place. It’s a great idea and it’s easy and quick. I can see it being used in many other places.”

Project timeframe: 5 weeks
No. of blocks: 194
Height of wall: 8m max
Application: Hillside earth retention