McDonalds opts for fast, packaged rainwater harvesting solution

An ecoRain® rainwater utilisation system provided a simple packaged solution for a new McDonalds restaurant at Hallett Cove, south of Adelaide.

The Rocla ecoRain20® rainwater utilisation system includes two connected 10kL underground concrete storage tanks, built-in filter system, submersible pump and controls to automatically operate the pump, or switch to mains water when required. Equalisation pipes ensure that stored rainwater flows from the secondary tank into the primary tank for utilisation. The trafficable strength of the steel-reinforced concrete tanks allowed them to be installed with minimum cover under a paved area that might be used by heavy vehicles.

McDonalds is currently experimenting with different rainwater harvesting solutions, as well as drought resistant landscaping that requires no irrigation once it is established. At Hallett Cove, stored rainwater will be used for toilet flushing and some irrigation. Using rainwater for toilet flushing makes the most efficient use of the catchment by keeping the tank in constant use, ensuring maximum capture of available rainfall in Adelaide’s relatively dry climate.

The system was specified by civil engineers GHD and installed by Castellan Plumbing.