Multi-sectional pole solves access issue

When looking to install a 25m concrete pole for a new communications facility on Endicott Hill Mudgee, Broadcast Australia hit a glitch. The access track suffered multiple tight bends, making delivery of a standard two-section concrete pole to site impractical.

Having not used concrete poles in the past on difficult sites purely because of deliverability, Phillip Gruber from Broadcast Australia was pleased with the proposed solution; a pole in three sections rather than two. “This made delivery possible and relatively economical compared to other options,” he said. “A concrete pole on this site was ideal because of limited space which couldn’t accommodate a free standing steel tower. Concrete poles for these heights are economical and they have a smaller footprint.”

Broadcast Australia partner RT Communications, who are communications infrastructure specialists, took up the challenge of this installation and delivery of the communication facility. They have erected over 60+ Rocla®  Poles during the past six years on various projects across Australia as part of communication networks. Company Director Richard Reed said “the Rocla products we use and work with are well suited to the needs of our customers. We have always found the team willing and able to assist us in providing solutions, especially on sites like Endicott Hill. Their customer service and delivery capabilities have always ensured timely delivery which is critical when working toward customer required dates”.

Broadcast Australia owns and operates one of the most extensive terrestrial broadcast transmission networks in the world with over 600 sites strategically located across Australia.

RT Communications is one of the largest Australian owned companies focusing entirely on the project management, design and installation of communication projects.