New Product: First Defense® vortex separator

Rocla® Water Quality has introduced a simple, robust device for treating stormwater at source.

The Rocla First Defense® vortex separator removes sediment, floatables and other pollutants from stormwater.The efficient unit combines an inlet and separator in one, and can treat surface run-off as well as pipe flows.

A major advantage is that pollutants are retained in the device.The advanced design prevents wash-out during high flows.

Economical, compact and easy to install, the First Defense® vortex separator is the ideal solution for smaller sites such as carparks, vehicle depots, factories and small shopping centres.

The first installation of the new device was for Lismore City Council in northern NSW, where it was installed in the carpark area of a new medical centre.Installation was by Laser Plumbing for project managers Hutchinson Builders.

Since then, the device has also been enthusiastically embraced by designers and installers in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.