Non standard pole proves economical for 27km line

When Powercor Network Services (Powercor) was seeking a supplier to provide 16kN concrete poles that could be constructed to Ausnet Services’ (Ausnet) technical standards for a new 66kV line connecting the Bald Hills Wind Farm to their 66kV electricity network, they chose to work with Rocla.

“Rocla had already provided poles to Ausnet. They had a great understanding of the requirements and were able to meet Powercor’s technical, pricing and delivery timeframes for the project,” said Randall Long, Project Manager for National Products for Powercor.

As with any project of this scale, finding the most cost effective way to deliver the desired result was key. “Rocla assisted us with the specifications for the 16kN poles, enabling us to design the line with the minimal number of poles over the 27 km line route due to increased span lengths,” explained Randall. “This has also allowed us to have tighter conductor tensions to also keep the height of the poles to 18.5 metres. As 16kN poles are a non-standard pole rarely used on the Ausnet network, this may see future lines constructed using this type of pole.

Randall said that Rocla had been excellent in providing the variety of poles that were ordered for the project, well within the promised dates for delivery of poles. “They have coordinated the truck deliveries to site and in a lot cases site pegs, making it more efficient for Powercor from a construction perspective.

The 52 wind turbines constructed at Bald Hills Wind Farm will feed power at 66kV into the Ausnet network from the Leongatha South switching station. Powercor’s role in the project has been to design and construct the Leongatha South switching station and double circuit 66kV line connecting the Bald Hills Wind Farm to the 66kV Ausnet network. The line is constructed over a distance of 27 km, partly over existing power line infrastructure and along roads and through private property between Pound Creek and Bald Hills.

Facts & Figures:

  • 339 poles supplied from December 2013 to October 2014
  • Heights ranging from 11m to 20m
  • Strengths of 32kN, 24kN and 16kN